Are There Any CBD Oil Side Effects?


CBD Oil Side Effects

There is a lot of debate surrounding CBD (cannabidiol) oil side effects, due to its association with the drug marijuana. People naturally assume that CBD oil will have the same effects as marijuana which is incorrect. While CBD oil and marijuana both come from the same plant genus, Cannabis Sativa, there are different varieties of this plant used for different purposes.

CBD oil is made from hemp, a cannabis variety that is not bred for the psychoactive chemical known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is used in marijuana to get that ‘high,’ and so cannabis plants with a potent amount of THC will be bred for that purpose. Because cannabidiol does not have the THC chemical, it cannot give you the side effect of a high. Instead, this oil is thought to have a wide variety of medicinal uses, without the side effects that so many people come to expect.

Hemp is the plant that CBD oil is extracted from, and this plant is a specific breed that is purposely made for products (like topical creams or ingestible oils) intended to assist the body’s natural medical processes. However, the question is: are there any other possible side effects? Broadly speaking, there is such little risk of side effects that it would be easy just to say “no”. However, like with any food, drink, or substance consumed, too much of it may trigger some mild effects, such as:

  • Dry Mouth –This is when the CBD oil affects your glands that produce saliva, resulting in a dry mouth. There is no serious cause for concern, as a dry mouth will only cause a bit of discomfort and increased thirst.
  • Drowsy – Like many other products that are consumed in excess, CBD oil can make you feel tired if too much is consumed. This is because one of the known benefits of CBD oil is its ability to help you relax when you are stressed. In this case, too much could make you very relaxed – resulting in a drowsy feeling.
  • Low Blood Pressure – In rare cases, low blood pressure can occur, which in turn can make you feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded.

These side effects are rare occurrences, and do not normally require medical attention since they usually go away on their own. There has been little research shown to reveal side effects caused by CBD oil because there are so few cases. In cases where side effects were visible, it was often when consumers used CBD oil in conjunction with other products.

At Bad Ass CBD Oil, we create cannabidiol products from high quality hemp, so you can be sure that you are at an extremely low risk of any side effect when using our products. The advantages of cannabidiol outweigh the risk for any mild side effects – CBD oil is safe Bad Ass CBD Oil is 100% natural and GMO free – our missions is to manufacture the most effective CBD Oil products available.

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