Benefits of CBD For Skincare

CBD Oil, Health & Humans

Many Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) enthusiasts enjoy the oil’s ability to help reduce anxiety and stress when ingested. However, the benefits of CBD go beyond easing stress; not only can CBD oil benefit you mentally, but physically too!
Cannabidiol has taken the beauty and health industry by storm, as it has multiple topical uses.

Anti-Acne Skin Care

CBD oil has been known to reduce oil produced by the skin, therefore assisting the body’s ability to clear the skin of acne caused by excess sebum. In conjunction with its stress relieving properties, CBD oil also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which benefits the skin by assisting the reduction of inflammation in irritated skin cells. This helps to restore your skin to a natural color and assists in the removal of spots and blemishes.

Moisturizing Skin Care

Apart from skin clearing benefits, CBD oil is also known for its hydration abilities. Dehydrated skin wrinkles easily and is at a high risk of infection by bacteria due to a weakened cell barrier. By hydrating the skin, CBD can reduce skin irritation such as eczema, dermatitis, or dry itchy skin. if you are someone who has sensitive skin, then CBD oil is the way to go. It is an all-natural product that is ideal for people with skin that reacts easily to skin products, as it doesn’t have any added chemicals. What’s more, its hydration can assist anti-aging by keeping the skin cells hydrated.

Anti-aging Skin Care

Another anti-aging feature is CBD’s natural high antioxidant count, which is known to stop free-radicals from affecting the skin. Antioxidants help reduce risk of other types of cancer, by neutralizing free-radicals that cause them. Because antioxidants and hydration are so effective in skin health, your skin’s natural barrier will strengthen, meaning that its immunity will increase. This is especially helpful when regenerating skin that is damaged from too much sun.

Some of CBD oil’s healing properties come from the type of cannabis plant that it is extracted from, for example hemp. This type of cannabis plant is naturally high in fatty acids, a useful chemical for the body – especially skin! Fatty acids are not made by the body naturally, and so must be obtained by ingesting foods that are naturally high in fatty acids. furthermore, fatty acids help to keep the cells membranes healthy and hydrated, ensuring a stronger skin cell overall.

While all these topical skin benefits are directly aiding the skin’s overall health and function, there are other benefits of CBD oil that naturally benefit the skin as well – from the inside out! For example, CBD oils is known to aid in stress reduction, meaning that your body’s overall temperature, mood, hormone and energy levels become more stable. Having less hormone spikes helps to regulate the skin’s natural hormone balance, which means that acne breakouts caused by stress will be less likely to occur! Having a more relaxed mindset will also help you keep a healthy routine of sleep and good skincare, as a more stressed out individual might skip skincare routines due to being mentally preoccupied. You can see why it is so popular in the health and beauty industry!

A healthier skin will heal faster, have fewer breakouts, be more hydrated (plump skin cells mean less wrinkles) and over time, maintain a more beautiful, healthier you! The best part is, there are almost no negative CBD oil effects, since it is a natural planted based product. No side effects and no chemicals mean that it is safe for long term use – a quality that is not in every chemical-based beauty product!

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