How Do We Get Cannabidiol (CBD) From Hemp



Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from hemp, a type of plant that falls under the genus known as cannabis. You might be thinking: “Isn’t cannabis another word for marijuana?” The answer is no! Marijuana and cannabidiol may come from the same plant genus, but each are made from different types of cannabis.

There is a significant difference between Marijuana and Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is made from cannabis plants that do not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC that gets you high – in other words, plants with a THC of less than 0.03%. Hemp is one of these non-psychoactive plant breeds – it is grown to provide natural benefits of the cannabis plant, without the side effect of getting high.

How is Cannabidiol Extracted?

The oil can be extracted in a variety of ways, in this article we focus on 3 main extraction methods used worldwide:

  1. Using a Solvent
    This is one of the main methods of extraction, it is easy to do and does not require much in terms of machinery or equipment. There are two main types of solvent: A liquid solvent such as ethanol, or an oil solvent such as olive oil. The plant is put into a container and the solvent is added to turn the cannabinoids and flavors into a liquid. This separates cannabidiol from the plant matter during the process. The resulting liquid is then evaporated to leave a concentrate behind – the concentrate being the cannabidiol!
  2. Using Oils
    Using oils is an old and trusted method, it one of the simplest ways to extract oils from a plant. First, the plant is heated up to activate certain chemicals in the plant. The plant material is then added to olive oil, which is then heated together to extract the cannabidiol from the plant. In this process, the oil and plant matter are heated at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, for a period of about 1-2 hours. The high temperature and long period of time ensures that proper extraction occurs. This method permanently combines cannabis plant matter to the olive oil, as olive oil cannot be evaporated like other liquids can. This means that the resulting mixture is a diluted version of cannabidiol, as it is a mix of olive oil and cannabinoids. Because it is now diluted, consumers need to consume a lot more of this kind of oil in comparison to the concentrated version described above.
  3. C02 Extraction
    This is a more complicated process that involves a machine known as the closed loop extractor. This machine has three compartments, each with a specific task. The first compartment holds a solid form of carbon dioxide (C02), which is then pumped into the second compartment containing the cannabis material. The second compartment is where the extraction occurs, using heat. Once heated the C02 becomes a semi-liquid state, as the temperature in the second compartment is raised to change its form. In this state, the C02 can ‘mingle’ with the plant matter, extracting the cannabinoids and flavors from the plant matter. The resulting mixture is then transferred to a third compartment, where the separation process occurs. Like air, C02 will rise (in a gaseous form) when it gets hot. In this compartment, C02 is separated from the plant matter by increasing the temperature even more, as well as lowering pressure. The result has a risen gas in the top of the compartment, with the cannabidiol resting at the bottom of the compartment, ready to be collected.

Thanks to Bad Ass CBD Oil you now know how CBD oil is extracted! Knowing that it is a simple extraction process (without the addition of harmful chemicals) reveals just how natural it is.

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