How Legal Is CBD Oil?


legal cbd oil

When discussing how legal CBD oil is, the safest bet is to stick to products that are derived from industrially produced hemp as opposed to being sourced from the marijuana plant, as it contains such a low amount of THC oil that it cannot be considered a psychoactive substance – therefore regulated as any other legal plant. Some states have begun to allow CBD oils that have higher contents of THC but this permission generally comes with very strict controls about administration, sourcing, and permissions that it takes very careful research to establish it legality in each state. Your biggest risk is to make assumptions based on hearsay. Remember, marijuana and all its derivatives are still considered illegal on a federal level. Even hemp based CBD oils that don’t follow certain requirements can still cause you some hassles in some situations.

Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when ascertaining how legal a product is.

Production of Legal CBD Oil

When it comes to the production, some states have no specific limitations on how this is done. However, because of the federal regulations if you are ordering it online or purchasing it publically it should be industrial hemp CBD oil. If the product can be traced to an industrial hemp source, there is no concern of it having a higher than legal THC content. Even though hemp-sourced CBD oil is legal in all states, it is still well within the right of any state to require confirmation of its make-up, as many sources are not controlled and may be providing false information about its production.

Consumption of CBD Oil

Most states only regulate the consumption of CBD oil that is sourced from the marijuana plant by means of medical cards limited to certain ailments. The regulation of this can range from being administered by a doctor, to being completely legal to consume publicly. Consumption of pure hemp CBD oil that can be traced and proven to contain a low level of THC is not nearly as regulated. It is treated as any legal plant and therefore you should not have to worry about a reputable product. The THC is the substance that is psychoactive and so hemp CBD oil will not alter your state of mind.

Purchasing CBD Oil

Again, this varies from state to state. The purchasing of CBD oil follows a very similar regulation to that of consumption. You can safely buy hemp based products online and not worry too much as long as it can be traced back to a regulated and reputable industrial source. Only CBD oil with a marijuana source and a potentially higher THC level will be monitored through purchases. Some states require all products to go through the health department first and risk not reaching you, and for the most part you need a medical card to make these purchases. There are lists for each state of what ailments qualify for a medical card for such purchases.

Is it Legal to Travel with CBD Oil?

Given the fact that you can buy your CBD oil to reach you at your new destination, it seems unnecessary to travel with it and run the risk of it being confiscated. Federal laws mean that any product can be confiscated on the grounds of it potentially containing higher than legal THC levels. It is not illegal to travel with pure hemp CBD oil but given the technicalities around the substance and its source, acknowledge that it may not make it across a border with you. Clearly marked and sourced products probably will, and there is no real risk to yourself in trying if you feel like it is a necessary travel item. Keep in mind, though, that any product with a source other than hemp, regardless of how low of a THC level, is illegal and is a risk.

With all 50 States having different conditions and factors influencing the legality of CBD oil, it is always best to research what will fly in your own state or the state you are travelling to. Luckily, your favorite hemp-based Bad Ass pure CBD oil can be ordered and shipped without hassles no matter where you find yourself.

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