Lupus Treatment – How CBD Oil Helped My Dog

Lupus Treatment

Many people believe that certain products for humans should never be used on dogs and it’s sometimes difficult to change that mindset. But when your best friend is in pain, you’ll try anything.

Canine lupus is no joke. When humans struggle with the pain of lupus they are able to vocalize how they’re feeling and make people understand by talking about it. For my furry friend Duffy, talking was not an option.

The wound itself started out as barely noticeable. It was just a mark on the top of my dog’s nose that began to appear right after she turned five years old. It quickly became a nightmare when the small wound developed into a large, opened raw wound. Duffy lost all the hair around her nose and lupus had started developing around her eyes.

After three long, grueling years of unsuccessful treatment with antibiotics, medicated shampoos, creams and ointments, general moisturizing ointments, diet changes, and seeing no other alternative in sight, I attempted topically apply Bad Ass CBD oil to Duffy’s nose.

Knowing how CBD oil works is a step in the right direction. Understanding that CBD oil can help you effectively treat your fur baby is a completely different story. I did need to get a veterinarian’s diagnosis to confirm that my dog was suffering from canine lupus, so please remember to see a veterinary professional before treating your pet with any non-prescribed medication or oils. Your local veterinarian will be able to provide you with the right advice on how best to treat your dog.

Canine Lupus

For those that don’t understand, canine lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects various aspects of a dog’s body. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, (DLE) is one of the more common forms of lupus that affects a dog’s snout or facial area. In some cases, DLE can and will affect a dog’s ears, feet, and even genitals. The disease although genetic in nature, will typically manifest during the hot summer months and exposure to sunlight will worsen the symptoms. Dogs suffering from canine lupus will have constant open wounds, which if not treated properly will become infected.

CBD Oil and Canine Lupus

In all honesty, Bad Ass CBD Oil has been a lifesaver.

It’s frustrating seeing your pet in pain and being unable to do anything about it. Dogs are uncannily smart, but it doesn’t mean that they understand everything. They can’t understand why their best friend, you, won’t take them for regular walks anymore. Meanwhile, you’re afraid of going for regular walks because you’re concerned that the open wounds will get dirt inside and become infected.

Your dog won’t understand why they can’t romp around in the garden on a sunny day when you know that the sun just makes their symptoms worse. You get to a point of hopelessness and you opt to keep your dog indoors.

I tried using Bad Ass CBD Oil on her snout. I had to make use of the “cone of shame” so that she would not rub her itchy and infected nose with her paws and sure enough the wounds slowly started to heal. Her fur on the affected areas is slowly starting to regrow and I can finally get rid of the dreaded cone!

It wasn’t easy but it was worth it to be able to run around and play outdoors with my best friend again.

For pet owners who have spoken to their local veterinarian, and have been told to attempt using CBD oil as an alternative treatment. Please bear in mind the following:

  • I had to carefully wash her nose daily with a gentle shampoo
  • Only 1-2 drops of Bad Ass CBD were put onto the affected area and gently rubbed in. Please do not exceed the 1-2 drop limit or listen to your veterinarian’s advice on the correct dosage amount. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 I’m so glad that I tried Bad Ass CBD oil as an alternative to treating Duffy’s canine lupus – the results have been amazing.

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