The Difference Between Hemp Oil And Marijuana


Hemp Oil VS Marijuana

It seems the topic of hemp oil, and hemp versus marijuana is quite a widely misunderstood topic, and that people have some difficulty establishing the difference. Even when scouring resources, you will come across claims that they are essentially the same, or crucially different. When it comes right down to it, there is one difference that makes all the difference. That is the presence of the chemical that is psychoactive – THC. Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant. They are both cannabis. Hemp oil is the product extracted from the strain of cannabis that has very low THC levels.


What, Exactly, is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a product extracted from a cannabis plant that occurs naturally and is harvested for its many uses. The cannabis plant used to produce hemp oil has extremely low levels of THC. Instead it is incredibly high in the alternative major chemical present in cannabis plants, CBD or cannabidiol. It has all the benefit of being a health supplement without the potential to influence your state in the same way as marijuana, or anything considered a drug.


How is Marijuana Different to Hemp Oil?

As stated, the major difference is the THC levels (the chemical that induces the feeling of being “high”). Marijuana has both medical and recreational uses. The main difference comes from the way it is grown. Where hemp grows in fields and needs little care apart for the (hopefully) absence of any toxins or pesticides that can make hemp oil impure. Marijuana needs a lot of care, and in some cases is modified or manipulated to be produced with certain benefits. Hemp and hemp oil is harvested for its natural benefits – those that exist because of the natural levels of CBD.


The Essential Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

The differences come down to 3 areas – these are the things you want to check up on carefully before making use or purchasing any product marked as a cannabis oil product. These factors also impact on their reputation, legality, and application which we address later on.

  • Association

    By association, the term marijuana is for the recreationally used plant containing high levels of THC. Even if you are taking a medically authorized form of the stuff with high THC levels, you probably wouldn’t go around referring to it as marijuana but rather cannabis oil or THC oil.

    With all the changes in legislature to make room for CBD oil and its many advantages, the term hemp is generally not associated as strongly with anything illegal. After all, you can buy hemp based products pretty much anywhere now. It would be obscure if it was still associated with the idea of drugs. Having said that, not everyone seems to be in the loop, so we should all do our bit to ensure that people are educated.

  • Composition and Source

    To reiterate, marijuana is composed of high THC levels which is the psychoactive chemical. It is grown under controlled conditions and can be grown to have higher levels of THC.

    Hemp is composed predominantly of CBD and is grown naturally and organically (if you are dealing with pure hemp). It is an agricultural product. Always make sure your CBD oil is sourced from hemp and not just cannabis in general.

  • Effects

    Marijuana, even when produced as a medical product, will have the potential to alter your state, meaning make you feel “high”. The levels of THC can be controlled and therefore it is possible to have medical marijuana that doesn’t have too much of this effect.

    Hemp oil has only really been known to cause slight light-headedness as a remote side-effect but does not contain nearly enough THC to have the same feeling. In reality, the level of CBD in hemp is reputed to counter the THC effects anyway, when they are within the legal hemp limit.


What You Need to Know About Hemp Oil and Marijuana

Aside from the origin of each plant, there are significant differences between the two. We have compiled a list of these differences that matter when you are attempting to purchase or make use of either product.

  • Legality of Each

    Hemp is completely legal. It is no different to any other farmed plant. The only legal hassle you may encounter with hemp is if you purchase hemp that is sourced from the wrong plant, which could lead to suspicions about its THC levels. It is vitally important to only use industrial hemp, or hemp oil that is farmed industrially. Hemp, by law, is legal because it contains less than 0.3% THC. This is not enough to cause any drug-like effects.

    Marijuana is farmed to have specifically have high doses of THC. This can be for recreational use or for medical use. THC does have its benefits, medically speaking, and is experiencing drastic changes in its legal status. If you want to know whether or not it is legal where you are, you need to check and check again. Marijuana products, or any cannabis products high in THC, are not safe to purchase just anywhere, unlike hemp.

  • Application

    Hemp oil and marijuana cannot be used interchangeably. They each have their uses, and hemp extract is far more widely considered and accepted for its uses. It has implications for textiles, construction, health, diet, beauty industry, to name a few. It would take a never ending scroll to list them all.

    Marijuana does have medical applications and is legal for use in certain places to treat medical conditions. More commonly, its application is recreational. This is the greatest impacting factor on how legally available it is for medical uses.

  • Consumption Methods

    Marijuana can be administered and recommended by medical professionals in a number of places around the globe. It is normally done so in an oil form by placing in under the tongue but can be taken through an inhaler.

    Hemp is available in too many forms to mention, from inclusion in beauty and dermatological products to health products. It is also long known for its use in building materials and even fabrics. Hemp oil as a health supplement is most often taken as an oil placed under the tongue. It can be applied as an ointment for certain conditions as well, as well as being taken through an inhaler. For either, the dosage will depend on what the application is.

With the growing use of hemp oil and other products, knowing the difference is valuable information. What makes knowing these differences even more relevant is the fact that the opinions and legal status of marijuana is rapidly changing. If these products are more and more readily available, then you don’t want to find yourself sourcing the wrong goods! Always source from a provider known for its safe and clean practices, like Bad Ass CBD oils.

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